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UPDATE: Proposed BILL Could Increase Wyoming Statutory Annual Reporting Fees

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Last evening we received new correspondence from the Secretary of State of Wyoming, Ed Murray.

TO:        Wyoming Commercial Registered Agents and to the Businesses You Represent

FROM:   Ed Murray, Wyoming Secretary of State

RE:        An Update on House Bill 267

In follow-up to my email of yesterday (January 31st), I want to report to you on the status of House Bill 267 now before the Wyoming Legislature.  Today, the House Appropriations Committee considered HB 267 and I voiced my opposition to the bill.

I stand firm in my belief that raising fees without thoughtful and deliberate study to assess the impact of such an increase is harmful to Wyoming businesses and could jeopardize Wyoming’s ranking as the best State to start a business.

The Committee amended HB 267 and lowered the originally proposed 200% increase in annual fees to a $25 increase in those same fees.

I want to thank the House Appropriations Committee for allowing myself and other members of the public to have a meaningful conversation about this bill.

HB 267 will now go before the full House for consideration in the coming days.

With my best regards,

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Ed Murray

Wyoming Secretary of State

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Proposed BILL Could Increase Wyoming Statutory Annual Reporting Fees

As a Registered Agent in the State of Wyoming, Incorporating Services, Ltd. (Incserv) received communication from Mr. Ed Murray, the Wyoming Secretary of State. The communication was substantiated by the staff at the office in Cheyenne.

In this notice, Mr. Murray writes, “As Wyoming’s Secretary of State, I want to warn you about a bill (House Bill 267) now before the Wyoming Legislature which would significantly increase the minimum annual reporting fees for businesses by 200% – from $50 to $150 – effectively tripling fees for most of the businesses which you represent.”

The Secretary of State continues, “What HB 267 proposes – sudden and unpredictable fee increases – sends the wrong message to your clients and to all businesses here in Wyoming or to those contemplating doing business in Wyoming.”

House Bill 267 was proposed late last Friday afternoon, Jan. 27th, by Representative Jerry Obermueller (Casper). Additionally, HB 267 has been referred to the House Appropriations Committee for consideration either tomorrow, Wednesday, February 1st, or Thursday, February 2nd.

Please note: This fee increase is for the state of Wyoming’s annual reporting fees, not the registered agent fees from Incserv. Incserv will be monitoring this situation and will keep you informed.