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UCC Search and Lien Search Overview

Incserv facilitates Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) and lien searches on behalf of entities engaging in major commercial transactions such as mergers and acquisition, uncovering any security interests that may exist to protect a creditor’s rights against debtor default.

Our Approach

Built on a network of trusted and experienced partners, Incserv navigates the massive and complex web of UCC and lien filing offices scattered across the country with personalized service and support. 

Deeply experienced in UCC search logic, we deliver an individualized approach for each search request, provide appropriate follow-up to ensure proper indexing and efficiently communicate search status.

UCC and Lien Services 

UCC search and lien search services include: 

  • UCC Search
    Let Incserv search for and identify individuals or entities with claims against any party in any jurisdiction.
  • Lien Search
    Rely on Incserv for deeper dives into state and federal tax liens, pending civil suits, civil judgments and judgment liens and bankruptcy filings.

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