Annual Report Filing Services

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Annual Report Filing Services Overview

For paralegals and entrepreneurs managing multiple entities in multiple jurisdictions, Incserv’s Annual Report Filing Services (ARFS) ensures annual filing and tax payment deadlines are met and jurisdictional compliance is maintained. 

Our Approach

Understanding that managing annual report filing requirements and deadlines for multiple entities across multiple jurisdictions can create confusion and frustration, we offer a turnkey service to minimize headaches and ensure jurisdictional compliance. 

Annual Report Filing Services 

Annual Report Filing Services benefits include: 

  • Proactive preparation
    Incserv compiles and maintains the information needed to prepare and file annual reports and make accurate tax payments where applicable.
  • Anytime, anywhere access
    Clients can access all annual report filings and tax payment records in Snapshot, Incserv’s online client portal.
  • Annual verification
    Incserv issues Annual Verification Forms to ensure the most current entity information is on file.
  • Good standing reinstatement
    For entities that have fallen out of good standing and require reinstatement assistance, Incserv will work with them and the appropriate jurisdictions to achieve good standing and ensure ongoing compliance.

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