Annual Report Filing Services

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Most jurisdictions have annual filing and/or tax requirements and it’s imperative you meet these obligations to maintain any legal protections your entity may provide.

Annual Report Filing Services

Incserv’s Annual Report Filing Service (ARFS) is an enhanced annual service which ensures your annual filing and/or tax payment deadlines are not missed, keeping your entity in jurisdictional compliance. With ARFS, we proactively compile and maintain the information needed to prepare, file and make payments when required so you don’t have to keep track of due dates. Proof of filing and/or payment is then uploaded to your Incserv Snapshot account for easy access whenever you need it.

With Annual Report Filing Service, you will receive an annual Verification Form to complete the first year and a reminder to verify or update in subsequent years. The Verification Form provides Incserv with all the information necessary to auto-file your annual report and/or make your tax payments.

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For Multiple Entities in Multiple Jurisdictions

Having multiple entities in multiple jurisdictions makes ARFS an even more invaluable tool. Requirements vary by jurisdiction and entity type, making ARFS the perfect solution to help you manage all of your entities and maintain good standing everywhere you need to do business.

Keeping track of all of the different requirements in so many different jurisdictions can get overwhelming quickly. There are multiple forms with different questions, filing processes, signature requirements, deadlines, and fees ranging from free to a few thousand dollars! And if a deadline is missed, each state has its own penalties and requirements to return to good standing.  It can be a lot to remember and keep track of.

When you’re signed up for ARFS, we handle everything—accurately, on time and in every jurisdiction your business requires.

Fall Out of Good Standing? Unsure of the Status of Any of Your Entities?

Incserv’s filing service account review process includes checking the status of your entities in each jurisdiction where you have ARFS and where there is a reporting requirement. We verify the date your next annual report is due and ensure our records are up to date. If that date has passed and a report is due immediately, we contact you to get started on filing the report right away. Additionally, if your entity has fallen into an inactive status with that jurisdiction, we work with you to reinstate your entity and then ensure it stays active going forward.

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