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The Importance of Corporate Records Retrieval

We understand the importance of corporate records retrieval…We know that having the required documents in hand and in a timely fashion is imperative when it comes to legal and financial transactions. Some of the most frequently requested documents we retrieve are detailed below. If you don’t see the document you need listed below, then just contact us. We obtain many different types of corporate records and certificates from all over the world to meet the business transaction needs of our clients.

Certificates of Good Standing

A certificate of good standing is one of our most frequently requested documents when it comes to corporate records retrieval. Depending on the jurisdiction, this document may be referred to as a good standing, a certificate of existence or a certificate of status. A certificate of good standing is a document attesting to the status of an entity with the issuing agency (such as the Secretary of State) as of a specified date. Each jurisdiction has their own format and language, but generally includes information regarding the exact name, the formation date, and in some states, annual report filing and franchise tax payments.

Certified or Plain Copies

Copies of a company’s filing history are obtained in either a plain or certified format, depending on what they will be used for. Copies of an entity’s corporate filing history are a common corporate records retrieval. These copies are often requested in conjunction with a good standing for the purposes of a business closing or when opening a bank account. A certified copy is photocopy of a filed document authenticated with an attached certificate stating the photocopy is “true and correct”. Plain copies are simply photocopies of the filed documents without any certification.

Bring Downs/Status Certificates

A bring down or status certificate, as we now refer to it, is a non-certified document generally stating the name of the entity, the requested jurisdiction and its status within that jurisdiction as of a specified date. Often times these are requested just prior to a closing. Contact us today to discuss custom tailored reports.

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