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Corporate Records Retrieval Overview

Corporate records retrieval services are often requested to support major financial or legal transactions. Documents such as certificates of good standing, bring-down letters, DBA filings, apostilles, filed annual reports and corporate filing histories can be retrieved in either certified (“true and correct”) or plain formats.

Our Approach

Able to retrieve records in all 50 states, Washington, D.C. and across the globe, we know the ins and outs of corporate records retrieval. We are deadline and detail oriented to ensure that you have the records you need, precisely when you need them.

Corporate Records Retrieval Services 

Standard corporate records retrieval services offered include: 

  • Certificates of Good Standing
    Sometimes also referred to as a good standing, a certificate of existence or a certificate of status, this document attests to the status of an entity with the issuing agency such as the Secretary of State. Formats and language differ by jurisdiction.
  • Bring-Down Letters
    Also called status certificates, bring-down letters are non-certified documents generally stating an entity’s name, the requested jurisdiction and its status within that jurisdiction as of a specified date.
  • Corporate Filing Retrieval
    Secure an entity’s entire historical filing record including articles of incorporation and subsequent filings or order specific relevant documents, such as filed annual reports and stock amendments.

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