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Our DC team has worked for many years with the various District of Columbia government offices and has built great working relationships along the way. The relationships fostered over time allow our team to provide you with accurate, quick, top notch services you can’t find everywhere.

Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs

The Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA) oversees many divisions of government services. Most commonly, we work with the Corporations Division filing and retrieving corporate documents, as well as filing biennial reports; and the Business Licensing Division assisting with obtaining general business licenses for entities doing business in the District of Columbia.

DC Office of Tax & Revenue | Recorder of Deeds

Like the DCRA, the District of Columbia Office of Tax and Revenue (OTR) oversees several departments including the Recorder of Deeds. Some of the services performed in these offices are business tax registrations, retrieval of notices of tax registrations and tax good standing certificates, judgment searches, and the searching and filing of chattel records, real property, and land filings.

Office of the Secretary

The District of Columbia Office of Notary Commissions and Authentications falls under the watch of the Office of the Secretary. Here we are able to have DC originated personal business documents notarized and authenticated, as well as submit DC government issued documents for the authentication of the signature of the DC government official. This is the first step of the process for preparing DC government issued documents for use internationally. For more information about the authentication and legalization process, click on the Apostille, Authentication & Legalization button to the right.

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As one may expect, there are many layers when working with government offices. The District of Columbia is no exception. The good news though is that you can rely on us to simplify the process of doing business in DC. Didn’t see any mention of the service you’re looking for above? Just contact us – we can either help you or direct you to someone else who can!

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