DBA Maintenance

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DBA Maintenance Services Overview

Incserv files, maintains and renews both forced and elected DBAs at the county and state levels in all 50 states, giving entities the brand and compliance protection they need to operate.

Our Approach

Meticulously detailed and proactive, Incserv takes the headache out of DBA maintenance. Filings and payment histories are uploaded into Snapshot, the Incserv client portal, so you always know where you and your entities stand. 

DBA Maintenance Services 

DBA maintenance services offered include: 

  • Filing
    Whether you need a forced or elected DBA, Incserv can get it filed—in any jurisdiction.
  • Maintenance
    Have Incserv maintain DBA data to ensure quick and accurate Service of Process (SoP).
  • Automatic Renewal
    DBA renewals vary from state to state and missing deadlines can have serious business impact. With automatic DBA renewal, Incserv takes care of everything—from ensuring information is up-to-date to filing and payment.

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