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Embassy Services

As part of our Embassy & Visa Services, we make daily trips to the various embassies, dropping off and picking up business documents for our clients seeking stamps and signatures of approval in the final step of the document legalization process. To find out more about the document legalization process, click through to the Apostille, Authentication & Legalization page. In addition to having documents legalized, we can aid in the visa application process.

What is a Visa?

The word “Visa” is in part the Latin term for “carta visa” which means “the document has been seen”. Visas are an endorsement usually in the form of a stamp and/or signature indicating the passport holder is allowed to travel to and from a specified country for a period of time. Generally, a Visa is issued by the embassy of the country to which you plan to travel. There are many different types of Visas including: student Visas, travel Visas, and business Visas.

Help Obtaining a Visa to Travel Outside the U.S.

Another service we offer under our Visa & Embassy Services, is filing your visa applications to travel outside of the United States. Thanks to our regular trips to the numerous embassy and consulate offices, we are able to submit your visa application and documentation in person, generally minimizing turnaround times. When working within strict travel deadlines, this can be especially valuable. Visa document filing is just another in the broad range of support services we have to offer. Contact us today for more information or to get started!

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