Certificate of Incumbency

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What is a Certificate of Incumbency?

A Certificate of Incumbency is a document that confirms the identity of individuals within a company. This document may also be known as a Statement of Incumbency or Incumbency Certificate. Depending on the type of company, the document may identify the members and managers or the officers and shareholders of the company. When opening a foreign bank account, this may be one of the documents requested.

What Information does a Certificate of Incumbency Provide?

An Incumbency Certificate may include information such as:

  • When and where the company was formed, as well as the state file number
  • Registered Agent details for the company
  • Names and titles of company officials
  • Shareholder names, titles, and stock ownership details
  • Status in the jurisdiction of formation

The details within the document are based upon the company’s state registration records and internal documentation, such as meeting minutes. The internal documents used to prepare the document are attached to the certificate. Many times, a Certificate of Good Standing from the jurisdiction of record is also obtained and attached as further proof. The document is then notarized.

Need a Certificate of Incumbency?

We can help! Please note – We must be the Registered Agent of a company in order to prepare a Certificate of Incumbency. HOWEVER, if you require a certificate and we are not the Registered Agent, just ask us about changing your Registered Agent to Incorporating Services, Ltd.

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