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Annual Report Filing Services

Incserv’s Annual Report Filing Service (ARFS) is an enhanced annual service which ensures your annual filing and/or tax payment deadlines are not missed, keeping your entity in jurisdictional compliance. With ARFS, we proactively compile and maintain the information needed to prepare, file and make payments when required so you don’t have to keep track of due dates. Proof of filing and/or payment is then uploaded to your Incserv Snapshot account for easy access whenever you need it.

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DBA Maintenance

Most often secured for brand-related matters, A DBA, or “doing business as,” is a registered name that a business files with either the State or the County whenever that company does business under another name rather than its legal registered name.

In addition to filing DBAs on behalf of clients, Incserv also maintains them. This is particularly helpful with states that require DBA renewals. Failure to renew can essentially free up the DBA for another business to take. Beyond losing the name, losing a DBA can impact marketing materials, branding, signage and countless other efforts.

Incserv can help you maintain your DBA, headache-free.

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