Annual Report Filing Service – We Remember So You Don’t Have To!

Posted by Jenny Mabus
December 18, 2019

Annual report filings…they can vary by entity type and jurisdiction. This requirement in each state is necessary to stay compliant with the Secretary of State, but can quickly become a headache for companies. Some reports require as little information as principal address and a signature; and some require stock information, a detailed list of officers and directors and the birth date of your great-great-great-grandfather from Italy (not really, but it can feel that way!). If you miss a due date, some states allow late reporting with no fee assessed…other states charge $200 or more and soon after change the entity status to revoked or inactive. It can be a whirlwind process and one which can easily be overlooked, with all other business-related tasks and duties happening on a daily basis.


certificate of incumbency certificate of incumbency


Allow me to introduce myself – my name is Jenny Mabus, and I take pride in filing annual reports here at Incserv for our clients who have signed up for the Annual Report Filing Service (ARFS). I track the due dates of all reporting, collect required information from you prior to filings, and complete the reporting on your behalf. It’s that simple, and takes the stress of remembering what is due and when it’s due away from you!

Please feel free to contact me for more details and information, or sign up here if you’re ready to have more time on your hands!

I’m here to make your life easier, and I look forward to working with you!