Your Registered Agent Just Got Acquired. What Does That Mean for You?

Posted by Josh Twilley
December 13, 2023

Over the last few years, there has been a good amount of M&A activity in the registered agent space. Some have spun down, leaving their client list to the highest bidder. Some larger firms have scooped up smaller independent shops, absorbing them into bigger corporate structures. In other cases, middle market firms have merged to join forces. Private equity firms have been active in the space too, acquiring companies, maximizing bottom lines at literally all costs and eventually flipping the firm.

No matter the arrangement, M&A activity usually brings change. Sometimes it’s good change. Sometimes it’s less so. If an agent you work with was recently acquired, we’ve created a short checklist to help you ensure you’re getting the best service possible. 


Can you reach your agent directly, as you previously had been able to do?

Are there new systems in place that impact your access to your agent? 

Is it taking longer for your agent to get back to you?

When you place an order, is the turnaround time about what you have been accustomed to?

Has the way you are expected to place orders changed? Are you now required to enter orders into a “system”?

Are there unexpected changes in pricing or billings?

Is your order getting unnecessarily passed around in the company?


As the registered agent ecosystem continues to evolve, accessibility, personalized service and efficient accuracy will matter more than ever. If changes in your agent relationships have caused hiccups and delays for you and your clients, the team at Incserv – independent for 50 years and counting – is here to help.