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Incserv strives to stay healthy while working from home

COVID-19 has disrupted life in a big way for almost everyone.  Outside the office, the world is vastly different.  Beacheincserv Sara 768x1024s, gyms, libraries, schools, and shops are closed.  Big events are cancelled.  Restaurants are pickup or delivery only.  Grocery stores have limits on items and the number of people inside – and once you get in, most of the items on your list are out of stock.  It’s a big change, and it’s thrown many people for a loop.

IMG 1561 768x1024Here at Incserv, most of our staff are working safely from home.  Those few who are still in the office make sure to maintain their six feet of social distancing separation and to wash their hands often.  The office has also been temporarily closed to the public to ensure everyone stays as safe as possible.

It’s easy for people to fall into a rut, order pizza delivery three times a day, and spend the entire day glued to the news or Netflix.  To help avoid that, both for staff working in the office and those working from home (who hopefully have their eyes glued to their computer screen instead), we’ve focused on ways to help staff stay healthy even during a pandemic.IMG 1550002

Our HR manager challenged staff to do two 30-day workout challenges to help us stay active.  Staff members were urged to complete the plank and triceps dips challenges.  Day 30 was a five-minute plank and 100 triceps dips – no easy feat!

These weren’t the only ways staff stayed active.  At the office, more than half of staff completed exercise routines several times a week, complete with wall sits, plank jacks, crunches, biceps curls, triceps kickbacks, squats, lunges, pushups, donkey kicks, and hip bridges.  Staff at home did similar exercises, or turned to yoga, running, or their own workout equipment to get their blood pumping and their muscles working.

IMG 1551002

In addition to working out, staff also worked on eating a little healthier by cooking at home more by sharing their favorite recipes in our Pandemic Cookbook.  Included within are main dishes, side dishes, drinks, and desserts – because what’s a stay at home order without baking?  Within are recipes for favorites such as meatloaf, roasted vegetables, seasoned chicken, and even healthy avocado ice cream!

We hope all of our clients and their families are staying safe and healthy during this unprecedented time.

Sara Flanagan, Systems Analyst






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Pt 4: UCC Filings – the Importance of Performing a Search to Reflect

For the fourth installment our series on The Perplexing World of Uniform Commercial Code Demystified, we’d like to talk about the Importance of Performing a Search to Reflect after filing a UCC1 Financing Statement or UCC3 Amendment.

Despite best efforts in preparing a UCC1 or UCC3 to perfection, the filing jurisdiction could very easily make a typo causing the filing to be mis-indexed when recording it into their database.  Why is this a problem for a Secured Party?  Just a small typo can make all the difference when searching for outstanding liens against the Debtor Name.  As a potential new Lender (Secured Party), an existing lien may not be reported.  As the existing Secured Party, your “first in line” position may not be reported even though your Financing Statement was on record before anyone else’s.  How about an Amendment or Assignment?  Was it filed against the proper UCC1?  Were all the Secured Parties recorded?  Was the Assignment done as a Partial or Full? Are you concerned yet?

So how do you ensure a typo was not made causing a filing to be indexed incorrectly?  Each time a UCC1 or a UCC3 is filed, request a Search to Reflect when the Thru Date Reached.  If an indexing error occurred, it can be found right away and corrected, rather than down the road when it’s potentially too late.

Incserv can assist with UCC filings, Searches and Searches to Reflect a specific filing nationwide.  Requests can be sent to  Please give us a call if you have any questions or would like additional information.   We look forward to hearing from you and stay-tuned for our next segment on Due Diligence Searches!

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Appoint Incserv as Registered Agent – Consolidate Now!

Are you receiving registered agent invoices from multiple vendors?  Are you tired of remembering which one represents which company or State?  If you answered yes to both questions, allow Incserv to help!

Incserv provides registered agent services on both a domestic and international level.  Incserv will manage the process of preparing the change of agent documents and will file them in the various states to be sure the registered agent is properly updated.  Once all of the changes are made, Incserv can sync your renewal cycle – this means each of your agent invoices will generate at the same time every year.  We will make the process as simple as possible.

Reach out to us today to get started – we are ready to make your job easier!  Click here to get started.

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PT 3: UCC Filings – who authorizes a UCC filing.

For the third installment in our series on The Perplexing World of Uniform Commercial Code Demystified, we’d like to talk about who authorizes a UCC filing.

Accurate preparation of a UCC filing is very important; the name listed within the document is the name that will be indexed in the records office of filing.  Below are some important things to remember when preparing UCC filings.

Section 9-509 of the Delaware UCC law provides that a party may file such a financing statement only if the debtor authorizes the filing: either expressly in an authenticated record or, more commonly, by executing a security agreement.

By authenticating or becoming bound as debtor by a security agreement, a debtor or new debtor authorizes the filing of an initial financing statement, and an amendment, covering:

(1) the collateral described in the security agreement; and

(2) property that becomes collateral under Section 9-315(a)(2), whether or not the security agreement expressly covers proceeds.

Additionally, the below specifically relates to a UCC Termination Filing (UCC-3):

The secured party has 20 days to either terminate the filing or send a termination statement to the debtor that the debtor can then file. If this does not happen within the 20-day timeframe, the debtor may file a UCC-3 termination statement.

When you send your UCC filings to Incserv, we will review the documents for complete information; we are not able to review for accuracy of information provided.

You can file a UCC and request a Search to Reflect nationwide with us today by sending us your requests to  Please give us a call if you have any questions or would like additional information.   Keep an eye out for the next installments where we will discuss UCCode searches.



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