Special Representation Services

We provide Special Representation Services to meet jurisdictional requirements that fall outside of what standard Registered Agent Services cover. Some people refer to this as Special Agency Representation. This type of representation may include Pharmacy Board Representation, Service of Process Representation (or designated agent) and other representation services as required by federal and state regulations. Looking for something not mentioned above? Click the Contact Us button on the right.

Delaware Statutory Trust Services

The Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) is considered the preferred vehicle for trust activities that involve financial transactions. The DST is considered a separate entity which can in many ways behave like a corporate entity, with a body of trustees and a group of beneficial owners. Forming a DST is an easy process, requiring a certificate of trust to be filed with the Delaware Secretary of State, along with the Trust Agreement.  There are no annual maintenance requirements (franchise tax or annual report) for a DST.  A Delaware resident must be named as a trustee.

We can assist in all aspects of filing the Delaware Statutory Trust and can provide a Delaware resident as a trustee.  Want to learn more?  Click the Delaware Statutory Trust button on the right.

Independent Director | Independent Manager Services

On occasion statutory or financial situations will require an outside party be named to your board of directors. This unique position is known by several names: independent director, independent manager, or springing member. We are your reliable source for Independent Representation Services with contracts tailored to your specific needs.

If you find your company is in need of Independent Representation Services, please Contact us for more information.