Team Member Spotlight: Justin Roper

Posted by Incserv
November 6, 2023

At Incserv, our people are what make the difference – and we’re excited to introduce the folks that make this place special. Each quarter, we profile an Incserv team member, sharing a little bit about what they do, how they got here and what matters to them outside the world of incorporating services. In this installment, we sit down with legal service specialist – and military veteran – Justin Roper. Enjoy!

justin roper

Justin, thanks for taking the time to chat. Let’s start with your role at Incserv. What’s your role and when did you start? 

Sure thing. I started at IncServ in July of 2022. I work in the SOP division (Service of Process). It’s a form of data entry with a big emphasis on detail. We make sure all legal documents are accurate. 

And what is it that you really enjoy about the position? 

As I mentioned, there’s a requirement for attention to detail. It’s a very fast paced environment and the days fly by. This past May I started in the accounting department of SOP which I have been pleasantly surprised with! Definitely different from my previous career. 

That’s right! You served in the U.S. military. With Veteran’s Day right around this corner, thank you for your service! So, military to accounting. That’s a pretty big jump!

Well, thank you! I appreciate that. And, yes… a very big jump!

How did you make it?

Well, oddly enough at a music bingo night with my wife.

You’re going to have to explain this in a bit more detail!

My wife and I like to enjoy music bingo at a local restaurant. Over time, I got to chatting with Casey Pineda, Incserv’s legal services division lead. She described her work and mentioned that they were hiring. This was about the same time I was looking to retire from the military. The timing was perfect so I jumped at the opportunity. I put together my first resume, interviewed, and got the position. 

That’s a pretty incredible story. I suppose you can network anywhere! So, any similarities between the two careers?

In the military, it’s a very large operation but a very small community at the same time. Over the course of time, you seem to run into the same people. At Incserv, it’s a small community which I really like. You quickly get to know everyone. Being new to the position, everyone has been very welcoming and helpful.

Can you tell us a little about your military career?

Sure. I worked as an aircraft mechanic for the U.S. Air Force. I retired in September of 2022 after 20 years of service. 

Wow! I’m sure that job took you to different places in the world. Any favorites? 

Yes, I’ve been all over the world. Guam makes the top of the list. So do Alaska, Japan and Vietnam.

Incredible! Now, I know you love a good music bingo night. Any other things you enjoy during your free time? 

I enjoy spending time with my family – my wife and four children. They keep us busy! My oldest just started at University of Delaware. I enjoy playing video games and we like to get down to Disney when we can!

Sounds great, Justin. I appreciate your time. Thanks so much and I wish you the best of luck!

Thank you!