Team Member Spotlight: Zvjezdana Sijan

Posted by Incserv
March 23, 2023

At Incserv, our people are what make the difference. And as we push further into 2023, we’re excited to introduce the folks that make this place special. Each quarter, we’ll profile an Incserv team member, sharing a little bit about what they do, how they got here and what matters to them outside the world of incorporating services. First up, senior client services representative, Zvjezdana Sijan.

Zvjezdana SijanZvjezdana! Thank you for your willingness to be the subject of our first team member spotlight. Let’s dig in. Tell us your Incserv story. 

Someone had to be first. I’m happy to do it. My Incserv story started almost 19 years ago, but I came to the United States in 1991, from Croatia along with my husband of 36 years. First I was in Chicago. Then up to Wisconsin. And by 1998, here in Delaware. While I had worked in the banking industry  in Croatia, I ended up finding an opportunity with CorpAmerica Inc. where I learned about this business from the ground up. It was there that I also met [Incserv vice president,] Rose [Redman and a few other coworkers]. In 2004, I made the move to Incserv. 

Talk to us a little about your role here.

The biggest part of my job is monitoring, assigning and processing all the work that comes in, which means any type of corporate filings, UCC filing, searches or document retrieval. This doesn’t include just Delaware, but all 50 states and international jurisdictions as well. Our clients value accuracy and efficiency. That’s what I focus on every day.

Do you like it?

I do. It’s fast paced. Everyday I learn something new. And I appreciate the flexibility the company provides and how family-oriented we are. If you needed to pick up a sick child from school? No problem. I started as a sort of part-time employee  when my kids were little and in school.

Guessing they’re not so little anymore?

No! My son is 26 and working towards his teaching degree. My daughter is 22 and works for a healthcare IT software company. 

Outside of work, how do you spend your time?

I love the summer, spending time by the pool, on a friend’s boat or at the beach.

Oh? Dewey? Rehoboth? 

Not exactly. I am from Croatia. I grew up spending time in the Adriatic where there are crystal blue waters. My family still has a house there on Pag, one of Croatia’s coastal islands. It’s beautiful. It’s about three hours from Zagreb, the capital. We make an effort to visit every year. 



Pag, Croatia (CreativeCommons)


But we love it here too. We visit Lewes every time we can. We like to bike with our friends, especially riding to Big Oyster for a quick lunch and a few beers.

And we cook. Lots of traditional Croatian dishes. Grilled meats. Pastas, pizzas. 

That sounds delightful. 

It is. 

Well, Zvjezdana, we appreciate your time. Thanks for being interviewee number one. 

Nema na čemu!