A True Partnership: Working With Incserv

Posted by Rose Redman
August 28, 2023

Oftentimes when we inherit a client, they ask what working with Incserv is like. They want to understand the level of engagement, communication protocols, responsiveness, proactiveness and more. 

Here’s our answer.

We are a partner to the paralegal and legal community throughout the entire lifecycle of the relationship.

At the start, we immerse ourselves in the client relationship, conducting thorough research, building accurate documentation, and verifying good standing in all requisite jurisdictions. We ensure that we are working with the proper parties and establish communication protocols, timelines and fee estimates/schedules, if applicable.


independent-manager independent manager


Throughout the relationship, we’re focused on ensuring compliance, keeping entities in good standing and helping with local licensing requirements. Our Annual Report Filing Services (ARFS) ensures annual filing and tax payment deadlines are met and jurisdictional compliance is maintained. We also help clients get familiar with Snapshot, our 24/7 online portal. With Snapshot, clients can manage their account from anywhere, anytime, file annual reports, make franchise tax payments and pay invoices. Incserv customer service representatives, or CSRs, really take the lead here, anticipating client needs, providing speedy, accurate responses and ensuring data accuracy. At this point, the relationship truly begins to take on a collaborative nature. We work to develop creative solutions to unique client needs, tapping the collective Incserv brain to solve complex challenges. 

On the housekeeping side of things, we provide clients with tailored billing solutions, common renewal dates, consolidated annual invoices, direct-to-client billing and more. We pride ourselves on not saying no and instead researching any requests our clients may have.

Should a relationship come to a close, we always work with the law firm partner to make sure our clients understand what filings are required in the jurisdictions in which they need to dissolve or withdraw and we work with clients until those fillings are complete. We also provide flexibility around resignations. 

Ultimately, it’s about being a partner. We understand that a big part of our job is making the lives of the paralegal and legal community easier. That’s been our approach since Day One… way back in 1972