Company Resources in Snapshot™

Posted by Gennine Cooper
June 27, 2018

Whether you only have one company with us or dozens, you will find useful information in our Resources section of Snapshot™!

There are two sections to our Resources section – Registered Agent Addresses and State Specific Details.

Snapshot™ snapshot 6 resources

Registered Agent Addresses
On this page, you will find a current list of Incserv’s address in each of the 50 states!  So whether you are interested in qualifying your entity in another state and need our agent address for the form you are filing directly with the State, or you would like the information for your records, you will find that information here!

Also note that we list our name in each state – for example, in Alabama, our name is ISL, Inc.  If you are filing a formation, incorporation, or qualification document in another state, the form will require the registered agent’s name exactly as it appears in our database.

This list is updated often, so always ensure you check back for the most recent information!

State Specific Details
Our largest resource is our State Specific Details section.  Within this resource, you can find lots of information for all 50 states!  This information includes:

Our agent name and address in that state

Annual report information, including:

   Fees and information for each entity type
   How the State notifies the company
   The due date
   Where to file

Corporate filings, including:

   Fees for formation or qualification in that state for each entity type
   Signatory requirements
   What evidence is returned from the State
   Any other requirements
   Fees for additional services
   Expedite options available

Document retrieval, including:

•   Fees for Good Standings, plain copies, and certified copies
   Expedite options available

Where to search for entities by name in that state

UCC filing information, including:

•   Information and fees on each type of UCC filing
•   What evidence is returned
•   Any special requirements
   Fees for additional services
•   Expedite options available

UCC and lien searches, including:

   State and county level fees
•   Turnaround time
   Additional information

State holiday/closure dates

If you have any questions about navigating our Resources section, or any section of Snapshot™, feel free to give us a call and we’ll be happy to walk you through our online client portal and answer any of your questions!

Sara Flanagan, Systems Analyst