Boat Registration Series Part 3-US Coast Guard Vessel Documentation

Posted by Incserv
August 30, 2017

Our Delaware Boat Registration Series has covered how to register your boat in Delaware, as well as vessel documentation - cargo ship freight 863449 960 720 300x225how to renew, transfer and deflag or delete your boat registration. In this final blog of the Delaware Boat Registration Series, we won’t cover Delaware at all, but rather the US Coast Guard. Through the National Vessel Documentation Center, the US Coast Guard facilitates documentation.

What is vessel documentation? This is essentially federal level boat registration. However, not just anyone can register their boat or vessel with the US Coast Guard. There are specific requirements a vessel must meet.

What are the requirements for vessel documentation? A vessel must measure at least five net tons and be wholly owned by a US citizen.

What is net tonnage? Per the US Coast Guard, “Net tonnage is a volumetric measure of a vessel’s useful capacity, for which a number of different measurement systems are in use worldwide. U.S. law requires tonnage measurement for any vessel for which the application of a U.S. law depends on the vessel’s tonnage. Owners of U.S. vessels less than 79 feet in length may choose measurement under one of two older U.S. Formal Measurement Systems (the Standard or Dual Regulatory Measurement Systems), or the U.S. Simplified Regulatory Measurement System. The U.S. tonnage measurement program is administered by the Coast Guard Marine Safety Center (MSC).”

What are the requirements for vessel documentation? The basic requirements for US Coast Guard documentation are to demonstrate ownership of the vessel, US citizenship, and eligibility for the endorsement sought.

For more information about US Coast Guard vessel documentation, check out the National Vessel Documentation Center’s website. If you have additional questions or need assistance, give us a call or email us.