Press Release – Things Are Happening!

DOVER, Del., March 21, 2017 — Incorporating Services, Ltd. (Incserv), is pleased to announce the launch of its new website and the client portal, Snapshot™.

Incserv’s new site was created with a concentration on the user experience. Enhancements to public records resources, industry news via the blog and upgrades to the online ordering system are supported with improved navigation and mobile friendly access.

“This year marks our 45th anniversary. As we celebrate this milestone, I’m thrilled to release our new branding, website and client portal to the public. Through the years we have continually evolved, always bettering our products and services,” said Amanda Contreras, Marketing Manager. “The new look and feel of Incserv really harmonizes with who we are as a company and where we are going.”

The new website is the centerpiece of the rebranding initiative. Each service offering is individually branded reflecting upon the main logo affording each product its own identity. “This allows us to target specific markets with the products and services they require,” states Karen Lombardo, Vice President of Marketing & Client Development. “It fine tunes our services specifically to a client or group of clients.”

Incserv’s new website will be updated on a regular basis and visitors are encouraged to sign up for news and industry updates via the homepage.

About Incorporating Services, Ltd.

Boutique in size and attention, but extensive in service offering, Incorporating Services, Ltd. (Incserv) provides Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) and corporate services, including corporate formations and filings, registered agent services, corporate record searches and retrievals, as well as federal agency and foreign embassy services. A strong commitment to superior customer service and the ability to tailor services to meet the needs of its clients sets Incserv apart from the crowd. Incserv has been serving the corporate, financial, legal, and entrepreneurial markets since 1972.