COVID-19 Jurisdictional Updates

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Please see below for jurisdictional updates due to COVID-19.  Check back often for updates!

Last updated:  12/8/2020 at 9:05 a.m. EST

State Update
Alabama No Update to report
Alaska No Update to report
  • Effective 4/13 – AZ SOS suspended expedited services for UCC 11 Certified searches and copies, UCC filings until further notice.
  • Routine service will take approximately 4-5 weeks.
  • Arkansas State Capitol will open to the public with limited hours.
  • Counter service is suspended until further notice. A drop box is available and will be checked 3 times a day. 
  • Online service remains available.
California Effective 12/7/2020
  • Lobby pick up suspended – Filing can only be dropped in the drop box
  • All filings will be returned by mail and will not incur the State’s special handling fee
  • 72-Hour rule for rejected filings has been suspended
  • Suspended all in-person services beginning 3/18 until further notice.
  • Online services are still available.
  • Counter service has been suspended.
  • Online and email requests remain available.
  • Expedited service remains but evidence will be mailed out (no pickups allowed)
  • Secretary of State is Open and Operating
  • No Change in Filing times or expedited services
  • No change in due dates for Corporate and Alternate entity reports/taxes
  • All Delaware Courts are closed to the Public. Scheduled to open on 6/13/2020.
  • Online Court Searches can still be completed
District of Columbia
  • State at Home Order to be lifted 6/1 – but no word on opening of government buildings.
  • Incserv DC employees are working remotely – effective 3/26/2020
  • DCRA and DCROD is not allowing access to the building. Online options  are available
  • DC Notary is closed. Anything they have now, will not be returned until they re-open and they will not accept anything new.  Date to open is unknown.
  • State Department counter is closed. Request for Authentication will need to be mailed/Fed Ex’d and there will be delays in processing time.  State Department encourages waiting to send requests until they resume normal business hours.
  • Biennial Report and Trade Name Renewal Due Dates are extended from 4/1 to June 1.
  • All State Department and Embassy documents have to be delivered by Fed Ex or UPS to those offices which will result in delayed processing times.
  • State has closed to the public.
  • Incserv has a designated drop off time.
  • They are looking in our bin for us now to see if we have work to be picked up.
  • No ETA for when work will be returned, because there is limited staff working in the office and remote.
  • ETA for opening is 7/17.
  • Must have filings by 8:45 to have to our filer by 9:15
  • They have one run to the state each day and that is at 10 a.m.
Hawaii No Update to report
Idaho No Update to report
  • SOS is open but with limited access to their building
  • Must have corporate filings filings by 1:30 and UCC filings by 3:00 pm to ensure delivery to the state the same business day. Anything received after that time will be delivered the next business day
  • Time slot for pick up and drop off is 2:00 – 2:45 pm for corporate filings and up until 3:30 for UCC filings.
  • Date of receipt will be used to determine filing order
  • Corporate filings can be e-filed
  • Expect to experience delays
Indiana No Update to report
Iowa No Update to report
Kansas No Update to report
Kentucky No Update to report
  • Counter service has been suspended. 
  • Online and email requests remain available.
Maine No Update to report
  • State is waiving some expedite fee for online filings
  • Counter Service has been suspended
  • Limited hours of operation are 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.
  • Phone lines have limited staffing or are only accepting voicemails
  • Online service and mail/FedEx/UPS remain available.
  • State is waiving expedite fee for online filings
  • Due Date for Personal Property Returns have been changed from 4/15 to 7/15
  • The MA SOS remains open, with limited staffing and resources.  Anticipate delays.
  • MA trial courts & superior courts closed to the public on March 16-17.  Any Registry of Deeds located within a courthouse will also be closed.  Electronic services remain available.
  • Mass. US District Court is currently open with some access limitations.
  • Secretary of State & Corporation Department closed to visitors. 
  • Electronic services and most county searches remain available
  • Hennepin County Recorder’s office is open, but temporarily suspending paper document recording until further notice.
  • Electronic recording remains available.
  • Secretary of State office closing to the general public at 2 p.m. on 3/17/2020. Online resources available.
Missouri No Update to report
  • Annual Reports still due on 4/15 – late fee has been waived
  • 1 Hour service only available for online orders
  • Walk-ins discontinued
Nebraska No Update to report
  • Nevada has suspended all in-person services and transactions.
  • Online services are still available
  • State offices are closed every Friday until further notice
New Hampshire No Update to report
New Jersey
  • Department of Revenue closed to the public. We still have the ability to pick up and drop off using a drop box.
  • Expedited work is taking 2-4 weeks for the state to complete.
New Mexico
  • Same Day (waiting) service suspended.  All in-person transactions, without an appointment, have also been suspended.
New York
  • Plain Copies ordered on a routine basis will take 4-6 weeks
North Carolina
  • Closed to the public
  • Online services still available
North Dakota No Update to report
  • Counter service has been suspended.  Drop box, email, and online services remain available.
Oklahoma No Update to report
  • Counter service has been suspended, but one daily appointment is permitted.  Online service remains available.
  • As of 3/19/2020 – State offices in the Capitol Complex (Dauphin County, PA) have been closed by the Governor of PA. .
  • Counter service has been suspended. Expedited services is not available at this time.   Can still drop documents in bin.
  • Online service remains available, but is unstable.
Rhode Island No Update to report
South Carolina
  • State is allowing to submit twice a week over the counter.
  • Submit days are Tues and Thurs.
  • Takes about 1 week to obtain evidence.
South Dakota No Update to report
  • Counter service has been suspended.  Drop box and online services are available, as are mail & FedEx submissions.
  • No longer Shelter in Place
  • State building still closed to public
  • Online services still available
  • Closed to the public
  • One drop off/pick up at 1:00
  • Online services still available
  • Salt lake City Recorders is closed – allowing recordings by appointment
Vermont No Update to report
Virginia No Update to report
  • Counter service has been suspended.  Online and email services remain available.
West Virginia
  • Counter service has been suspended.  Online services and requests sent by email, mail, or UPS/FedEx remain available.
  • Closed to the public.
  • Online Services Available.
  • Not available online and will need to mailed in with a check: Annual Reports, UCC Filings and Change of Agent Filings.
Wyoming No Update to report

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