Where to File UCCs in Washington, DC

Posted by Gennine Cooper
January 15, 2020

We were recently asked about UCC searches and where to search and subsequently file in the District of Columbia. Here’s a brief but valuable description that we shared with our client:

Security interest filings in Washington, DC are filed with the Recorder of Deeds (ROD).  If you have a UCC against real property, better known as a “fixture filing”, this would be filed in the land records of the ROD, while vast majority are found in the “chattel” records (yes, DC still uses the word chattel).   You may also search for Federal and DC tax liens and judgments at the ROD.

While most UCC’s filed at DCROD are “Chattel” records, those who wish to file a UCC Fixture filing against Real Estate must attach the Tax ID Number of the property in form of Square & Lot of the address. In most cases, Square and Lot is a four digit number followed by another four digit number.

DC Recorder requires on all UCC-3’s, for the first debtor on the UCC-1 to be listed down in #10 Optional Filer Reference Data. Those without a debtor listed there will be rejected by the DC Recorder.

DC Requires the 2011 Revised UCC forms.

DCROD Does not provide Certified Searches. Because of minor name variations, to get the most accurate search, it’s always best to use a local searcher who knows all of the local wildcards and tricks.

The District is also known to be the default place for filing of UCC’s against foreign entities doing business in the US.  Not sure where the company is doing business?  Just try searching the DC Recorder of Deeds!

For assistance in Washington, DC with UCC searching or filing or to learn more about any of the services available from our office, contact our DC office directly via email to dcorders@incserv.com.

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