When To Use A Service For Apostille, Authentication & Legalization Process

Posted by Gennine Cooper
June 12, 2019

A service will help you outsource the time and frustration with managing the Apostille, Authentication and Legalization process and to avoid any unnecessary delays. Generally, clients use a Apostille, Authentication and Legalization service to:

  • Expedite the process, when time is of the essence
  • Avoid the administrative challenges and frustrations, anticipating rejection traps which can result in costly delays
  • Stay on top of process changes to help the documentation process as smoothly as possible
  • Help manage trick situation when the process is unclear or a process has changed

Even staying on top of process changes there can be unexpected delays.

Sometimes Tech innovations meant to expedite the process can have the opposite effect. For example, as processes and financial transactions transition from paper to electronic process there are sometimes unforeseen “hiccups” in our user experience (UX). One recent example that comes to mind was the procedural shift in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in the financial payment process moving from certified checks to electronic funds transfers. Unfortunately a snafu in the newly launched payment process sent an Incserv client’s documents in apparent limbo when the sales receipt did not appear properly. A process that typically took less than 5 days, took three weeks to sort out.Apostille signed doc 2018 1024x684

Fortunately an excellent relationship with the consulate administrators, gave our team insight into the process. While it took longer than anticipated, the client found some reassurance knowing that this issue was technical and not pertinent to their submission. Nor were they responsible for the daily, sometimes twice daily calls to the consulate, as the problem was eventually sorted.

Two Birds One Stone – Bundling Translation and Documentation Procurement
Another situation it may be expeditious to hire a service to handle the Apostille, Authentication and Legalization Process is when you need translation services or document procurement in addition to legalization. For patent, trademark, and copyright legalization, we often work with clients to obtain the necessary federally filed documents.  For document translations services, Incserv has excellent relations with service providers such as Language Innovations that provide certification ready translations to smooth the review process.

In short Apostille, Authentication and Legalization Process service is one way to outsource, the time, effort and stress. We’re happy to discuss if our services might be right for you as well as any additional services we can provide.

For more information or if you have questions please contact us at info@incserv.com.