Three New Countries to Join the Hague Apostille Convention

Posted by Brooks Ferrett
August 12, 2016

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Deirdre Davis-Washington, Assistant Vice President of Branch Operations in Washington, DC shares the following news with regards to legalizations:

Brazil, Chile and Morocco have joined The Hague Apostille Convention. These countries no longer require full legalization through the embassy and can go to the Secretary of State for notarized and/or state issued documents and the U.S. Department of State for documents issued by federal agencies. The Apostille certificate will conclude the legalization process and thereby deem your document as ready for use in these countries.

  •  Brazil’s effective date is August 14, 2016- read more
  •  Morocco’s effective date is August 14, 2016- read more
  •  And Chile’s effective date is August 30, 2016- read more

Please note, after these dates, these embassies and/or consulate offices will no longer accept documents for legalization.

To visit The Hague Convention website news, click here to learn more.

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