The ever changing corporate world!

Posted by Gennine Cooper
September 5, 2018

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Statutes, Administrative Rules, Processes and Procedures are ever evolving.  It is our job as a premier service provider to make sure we are staying “in the know”!

Incserv staff takes pride in working with internal and external sources to ensure we are staying in front of the changes which potentially affect us and our clients.  It is even part of our company goals to complete a designated amount of training hours each year.

Our involvement in organizations, such as NPRRA (National Public Records Retrievers Association) NCAPA (National Capital Area Paralegal Association), Central Delaware Chamber of Commerce, and the Delaware Paralegal Association ensure we are receiving industry wide information and staying true to industry standards.  Also, our business relationships with Attorneys and other service companies have allowed us to coordinate training sessions with them to broaden our service offerings and knowledge of services we already provide.

As an online registered agent, we maintain a close relationship with the Delaware Secretary of State and this has allowed us to attend Quarterly meetings which are comprised of the Deputy Secretary of State, department heads from the Division of Corporations, other employees from the division, representatives from the agent community and even the Secretary of State attends.  It is a meeting the state hosts to provide updates from each department and any statute changes which have been approved and will take place.  In addition to these quarterly meetings, there is a yearly Strategic Planning Conference where information is shared, training sessions are offered and guest speakers talk about how our industry impacts the state and even the rest of the country/world.  We have also participated in Training sessions, the state has offered on a quarterly basis.  This only strengthens our knowledge of the state database and administrative rules so we can better service our clients.

When you reach out to your Customer Service Representative at Incserv, you can trust they have continued their education and make it a priority to understand the corporate statute in Delaware and other states in order to provide the best customer service available.

Rose Redman, Quality Assurance and Employee Development Manager