Pt 6: UCC Searches – Where to search!

Posted by Gennine Cooper
July 29, 2020

For the sixth installment in our series on The Perplexing World of Uniform Commercial Code Demystified, we’d like to talk about Where to search!

As Part 1 of this series UCC Filings – What are they and where to file? indicated, there are specified locations to file a UCC Financing Statement based on your debtor type and location.  We follow the same logic regarding searching!  But the logic is not always clear cut.  For instance:

  • What if the company is registered in one State but its Principal Office is in another?
  • Where do you search for an individual who resides in one State now, but used to reside in another?

Anytime the location is unclear, we often will search all possible locations.  Conducting a Debtor Due Diligence search at the State, County (City), and in the corresponding Federal District in both States will ensure that that you have done your due diligence.

You can request a Debtor Due Diligence Search nationwide with us today either online or by sending your request to  Please give us a call if you have any questions or would like additional information.   We look forward to hearing from you and stay-tuned for our next segment on Where to Search!

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