Maryland Certifications and Authentications (Apostille)

Posted by Gennine Cooper
July 10, 2019

Annapolis Maryland is not only home to Incserv’s newest Office, and the capital of the State but it also once served as our country’s first capital during peacetime.  The cobble stone streets, paved from the ballast of ships in its port, lead up to the historic Maryland State House, the oldest in continuous legislative use in the United States.  Annapolis’ history and culture is rich and still thriving!

It just makes sense then that Annapolis is also home to the Maryland Secretary of State’s Office.  The Secretary of State is the gateway to your Maryland Certifications and Authentications (Apostille) necessary for documents being presented in a foreign country:

  • Notarized Documents:
    • Presented first to the County of the Notary for County Certification
    • Then presented at the Secretary of State’s Office for State Certification* or Authentication**
  • State or County Issued Documents:
    • Presented at the Secretary of State’s Office for State Certification* or Authentication**
  • *Certification: If the foreign country of use is NOT a party to Hague Convention: 12, a State Certification will be affixed and ready for its next  stop at the U.S. State Department in D.C.
  • **Authentication: If the foreign country of use is a party to Hague Convention: 12, an Apostille will be affixed and your document is complete!

With all that wonderful information, how do you get your documents there and back?  No sweat! Incserv’s new Annapolis Office is uniquely positioned minutes away from the Secretary of State’s Office and can hand deliver your important originals.  With a one day turn around, you’ll stay on target to meet your deadlines and in collaboration with our D.C. Office, we’ll continue the process for you with the U.S. State Department and on to the proper Embassy or Consulate.

For more information on Apostille and Legalization visit our blog!

If you’d like more information about our services in Maryland, please call our main number at 800.346.4646 or email us at   Stay tuned to this blog series as we announce new services and information about our new Maryland Office in the historic capital city of Annapolis!

Lucy Rose, Project Manager, Product Research and Development

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