It’s Blue vs Green: Incserv prepares for Spirit Week!

Posted by Gennine Cooper
July 17, 2019

If you’ve ever worked with an Incserv staff member, you know us as hard workers – we’re always taking care of your needs, promptly responding to your calls and emails, and getting filings, retrievals, projects, and other requests done quickly and accurately.  But every now and then, we make time to have some fun, too!  And Spirit Week is our favorite week at Incserv because we get to have tons of fun by combining fierce competition and playing lots of games!

We are stoked to be gearing up for our second annual Spirit Week!  The Employee Action Committee (EAC) puts this and other fun events on each year for Incserv staff, and Spirit Week quickly became a hit last year with its mixture of competition and camaraderie.  The team of 4 has planned different events each day to ensure there’s something for everyone to participate in.  And we’re especially excited to bring Spirit Week outside of our Dover, DE headquarters and involve all of our branch offices – DC, MD, and FL – in the fun!

Spirit Week is a week of competition between two teams – the Green Team and the Blue Team (both colors from our Incserv logo).  This year, everyone drew their team color from a hat (well, a mug), splitting everyone up randomly.  There is a different theme for each day – complete with one or two activities and a “Wear This!” competition.  The EAC has been providing little teasers about Spirit Week until the schedule was finally revealed a few weeks ago.

Monday – Team Spirit Day

  • Wear your team color
  • Games: Capture the Flag (Incserv edition!) and Cards Against Humanity

Tuesday – Blast from the Past

  • Wear your best throwback outfit
  • Game: Pop Culture Trivia

WednesdayChristmas in July

  • Wear your best Ugly Christmas Sweater (T-Shirt Edition) or your PJs
  • Games: Saran Wrap Ball Game and Paper Airplane Races
  • Plus you can’t have Christmas in July without presents!  

Thursday –  Wacky/Opposites Day

  • Wear your wackiest outfit, or dress in opposites
  • Games: Hula Hoop Relay and Art Competition

Friday – Mistaken Identity Day

  • Dress like someone else (real or fictional)
  • Games: 2 Truths & A Lie and A Secret Competition

Each team member tries to rack up points for their team by participating in “Wear This!”, signing up for the games, and of course winning the games!  This year, we’re also introducing Penny Wars – the team with the most penny-money in their jar on Friday wins more points for their team.  The team with the most points by Friday is declared the Spirit Week winner and team members win awesome prizes!  The other team gets a little something, too.

Last year, competition was fierce!  There was lots of smack talk, demanded rematches, and even a flip flop casualty.  We expect nothing less this year!

Want to know who won Incserv’s Second Annual Spirit Week (and see Incserv’s team in action)?  Check out our next blog for fun photos and the crowning of the winners!

Sara Flanagan, Systems Analyst

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