How to Get a Certificate of Incumbency

Posted by Rose Redman
April 30, 2021

A certificate of incumbency, also sometimes referred to as a statement of incumbency or incumbency certificate, is an official document that may include the following information:

  • When and where the company was formed, as well as the state file number
  • Registered Agent details for the company
  • Names and titles of company officials
  • Shareholder names, titles, and stock ownership details
  • Status in the jurisdiction of formation

 Most often, corporations and LLCs secure them on an as needed basis for third parties who require formal documentation verifying corporate information. For example, a bank may want to verify officer and director information as part of the loan application process.


certificate of incumbency certificate of incumbency


How to secure a certificate of incumbency

The process is quite simple. The organization reaches out to its registered agent with the proper documentation that the registered agent can use to pull necessary information. That documentation can be an annual report filing or an internal document showing officers and directors such as minutes, bylaws, resolutions, etc. From there, the registered agent can typically turn back the certificate of incumbency within a day.

Many times, a certificate of good standing from the jurisdiction of record is also obtained and attached as further proof. The document is then notarized and delivered to the requesting institution.

Keep in mind that a new certificate of incumbency is required for each legally binding transaction. And as long as we’re your registered agent, we’ll be able to handle certificates of incumbency whenever you need. 

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