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Rose Redman from our Delaware office received a phone call from our primary correspondent in Louisiana. The state of Louisiana is still reeling from the recent flooding. As a result, this is impacting routine business for many of the State offices, Parishes and Courts. Please note the following:

  • Many of our correspondents are open for business but are short-handed because their employees are not able to get to work as a result of the flooding.
  • The state Corporations Divisions is currently closed with no estimated time of when they will re-open.
  • The State building is operating with a skeleton crew for election qualifying since there is an election in November.  The doors are open, but there is no corporate/UCC work being processed.  Since the doors are open, our correspondents will submit requests so they are in the queue when the offices open back up.
  • If you have any requests currently at the state, the processing times are going to be very delayed.  We will update the blog as we find out more.
  • The state expedite is only $30; you may wish to pay this statutory fee to receive expedited handling once the office opens and returns to processing at full capacity.
  • Our correspondents will search in any Parish that is open and can be reached. However, many Courts are closed so processing times for UCC searches will be impacted.
  • The Sheriff’s office is open, but much of the staff can’t get into the office impacting how Service of Process is managed.

Our thoughts are with the people of Louisiana.

Feel free to contact us for more information.

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