What are the Benefits of a Delaware Virtual Office?

Posted by Stacey Melnick
March 18, 2021

Many businesses have a Delaware virtual office despite not being physically located in the state. Companies do this for a variety of reasons, the majority of which are rooted in business  advantages and convenience. Let’s examine why a company might create a Delaware virtual office and list what’s required to establish one.

A Delaware Mailing Address

The most immediate benefit of a Delaware virtual office is a physical mailing address that can centralize where your mail is sent and forwarded from. (Here at Incserv, we even offer to manage and electronically scan mail so that clients receive it at the same time we receive it.) 

A Delaware virtual office also puts an appropriate barrier between a business owner’s home address and their business address.


delaware virtual office delaware virtual office


A Delaware Phone Number

A Delaware virtual address also gets your business a Delaware phone number. This is useful for conducting business transactions. It also prevents business owners from having to put their home or mobile phone number out there. 

Fun fact: Delaware is just one of 12 states that has just one area code, 302. 

A Delaware Presence Without the Overhead 

A Delaware virtual office means there is no rent to pay, no long term leases and no building maintenance to worry about. Business owners do however get the benefit of having documentation of a physical office. This can be helpful in business transactions with financial institutions.

Over the last year, as a result of the pandemic, we have seen a dramatic increase in Delaware virtual office requests as more and more businesses embrace remote work.

But why Delaware?

Delaware is a top choice for virtual offices amongst businesses primarily because of the state’s business friendly laws.

Virtual offices located in Washington, D.C . are also popular, particularly amongst international clients that require a presence in The District. 

Couldn’t you just use a PO Box?

You could just use a post office box, but that would be sufficient for mail (that would just pile up) and little more. No physical address. No phone number. No additional benefits. 

Bottom line

At the end of the day at Delaware virtual office affords a business with a physical address in a state that is business friendly, a phone number, a fax number, mail services and other amenities that make conducting business easier.

If you are thinking about a Delaware virtual office for your business, start an order and we’ll get you taken care of.