Delaware Boat Registration Series – Pt 1

Posted by Gennine Cooper
May 27, 2020

“How does Delaware boat registration work?” or “I need to register my boat in Delaware. Can you help?”  are questions we often hear from clients.  The good news is that the Delaware boat registration process is relatively painless. Here’s a rundown on the basics.

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What documents will I need for my Delaware boat registration?

All vessel owners must complete a Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) boat registration application. Along with a state ID, driver’s license or passport, the following documentation is required:

Owners of new vessels must supply the original Manufacturer’s Certificate/Statement of Origin or Builder’s Certificate assigned to purchaser(s) and original the Bill of Sale if Certificate of Origin or Builder’s Certificate is not assigned to purchaser(s).

For used vessels, owners must provide the Original Title. (Note: If the boat is currently tilted in another state, DNREC will need the original for its records.) The seller must complete purchaser information and sign the title. If title has not been signed, the seller must complete a notarized bill of sale with a complete description of vessel. For non-title states only, the Original Registration is required and the seller must complete a notarized bill of sale with a complete description of vessel.

How long does the Delaware boat registration process take?

Once we have all of your documentation, the current turnaround time ranges from three to four weeks.  We will then email you proof of registration and the originals will be mailed out via regular mail or priority overnight.

What does the State of Delaware provide as proof of registration for my boat/vessel?

DNREC provides a boat registration card and two (2) decals. A verification letter can also be obtained, if needed.

What does the Delaware boat registration card look like?

The Delaware boat/vessel registration card is printed on white paper. They no longer provide a blue plastic registration card.

How long is the Delaware boat registration good for?

Delaware boat/vessel registrations are available in one or three year increments. Registration runs on a calendar year and is not prorated. Therefore, the fees will be the same and your registration will expire on December 31st, whether you register your boat/vessel in January or October.

What is the cost for a Delaware boat registration?

Fees vary depending on the length of the boat and whether you choose a one (1) year or three (3) year registration term.

If you have additional questions or need assistance with a Delaware boat registration, give us a call or email us. We’re happy to help!