Delaware Boat Registration Series – Part 2

Posted by Incserv
August 16, 2017

Delaware boat registration delaware boat registration yacht 300x201In part one of our three part Delaware Boat Registration series we answered some frequently asked questions about how to register your boat in Delaware. Here in part two, we’re covering boat registration renewals, transfers, and deflagging/deleting.

When can I renew my Delaware boat registration? As mentioned in part one, Delaware boat registrations run on a calendar year. Beginning mid-October, registration renewal opens up. Therefore if your registration expires December 31st, you may renew beginning in mid-October.

What information do I need to renew my Delaware boat registration? You will need the information from your original registration, such as the hull number, boat registration/DL number and the exact individual or company name your boat is registered under. Please note if your boat is registered under a company name, the company needs to be in good standing with the State of Delaware and with its registered agent.

I need to renew, but my address needs to be changed. How do I change the address on my registration? Your address can be updated during the renewal or transfer process.

Can I use your address on my registration? Yes. If you’re an Incserv registered agent client, you can use our address on the registration.

How do I transfer my Delaware boat registration? Transferring registration is simple. You’ll need a notarized bill of sale and then you will complete a new application. For all the details on new applications, click here to check out part one of our series.

Can I deflag or delete my Delaware boat registration? Deleting your Delaware Boat registration is also commonly referred to as deflagging your boat. Like transferring registration, the process is easy. All you need is the registration number. This is the number that starts with DL on your registration card. The Delaware Department of Natural Resources (DNREC) can then produce a deletion letter. If the deletion letter needs to be apostilled for use abroad, we can help with that too!

As always, if you have additional questions or need assistance with boat registration, renewal, transfer, and/or deletion, give us a call or email us. We would be happy to help, as we courier boat registrations back and forth to DNREC several times a week for our clients.