Delaware Annual Report & Franchise Tax–The Buzz! Part 5

Posted by Gennine Cooper
February 26, 2018

Delaware Annual Report & franchise tax delaware 173x300The Delaware Annual Report deadline is approaching quickly – File by Thursday, March 1st!

For our final installment of Delaware Annual Report & Franchise Tax–The Buzz!, we would just like to remind you that the deadline is approaching quickly!  Delaware Domestic Corporations must submit their 2017 Annual Franchise Tax Report and Payment on or before 3/1/2018 (that’s this Thursday) in order to remain in good standing.  Penalty and interest are also assessed for entities that file their annual report and pay their franchise taxes after the due date, which is why it’s important to file by the deadline!

  • Have questions about the content of the Delaware annual report? You can refer back to the previous sections of this blog for helpful tips (click here to view part three).
  • Need help filing? Log into Snapshot™ for step by step filing or contact Incserv to have one of our trained Client Service Representatives file for you.  Our online order form is one great way to request our help and provide us with the information we need to file.  You can also call or email us for assistance as well!
  • Don’t have a Snapshot™ login? You can visit this link anytime and place a request for a login.  In addition, during business hours, feel free to email or call us and we will be happy to provide you with a login and password for your Snapshot™ account.

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Lucy Rose, Project Manager, Product Research and Development