Delaware Annual Report & Franchise Tax–The Buzz! Part 2

Posted by Gennine Cooper
January 24, 2018

Annual Report & franchise tax, Delaware delaware 173x300Filing your Delaware Annual Report & Franchise Tax via Snapshot™; Benefits and Tips!

In today’s Delaware Annual Report & Franchise Tax – The Buzz!, we would like to tell you the benefits and tips of using Incserv’s Snapshot™ Annual Report Filing Section. We may be a little biased, but we think you’ll find it to be pretty great as well!

  • No matter if you manage just one or multiple Delaware entities, all entities within your account will appear on screen for one-click Annual Report filing access.  Just click “Franchise Tax & Annual Reports” to get started.
  • Snapshot™ saves your previous year’s filing information, saving you the time of reentry! If nothing has changed, simply review and file.
  • View and download previous year Annual Reports filed through snapshot™, including the second page wherein Issued Shares and Gross Assets are listed (this information cannot be retrieved from the State as it is not public record.)
  • Snapshot™ charges a minimal fee for all this convenience of just $20 per report filing.
  • TIP! Use Google Chrome to access Snapshot™ and disable your pop-up blocker for our site.

Don’t have a Snapshot™ login?   You can visit this link anytime and place a request for a login.  During business hours, feel free to email us at or call us and we will provide you with a login and password.

In addition to Annual Report filing, Snapshot™ provides you with a view of all of your account entities in one place including access to previously received Service of Process.  You can also place an order, view pending orders and pay invoices quickly and easily.  Watch for new features as we continue to upgrade your entity management experience!

Lucy Rose, Project Manager, Product Research and Development