Delaware Annual Report & Franchise Tax – Help! Part Four

Posted by Incserv
December 8, 2017

Today, in Part Four of our Delaware Annual Report & Franchise Tax Series, we start to break down Delaware franchise taxes. As weDelaware franchise tax delaware 173x300 previously mentioned, franchise taxes are an annual fee paid to the State of Delaware Division of Corporations for your entity. For corporations, the franchise tax fee is based on authorized shares, but for alternative entities, such as a limited liability company, the fee is a flat rate. Most Delaware entities are required to pay a franchise tax.  The Delaware franchise tax fee is in addition to the $50 state fee to file a Corporation Delaware annual report.

For entities using the authorized shares method of Delaware franchise tax calculation, the fees break down as follows:

  • $175 minimum tax for corporations with 5,000 shares or less.
  • $350 minimum tax for corporations with 5,001 -10,000 shares
  • Each additional 10,000 shares or portion thereof adds $75.00..
  • $200,000 maximum tax. (This is an increase from the previous maximum tax rate of $180,000.)

Examples:  A corporation with 10,005 shares authorized will pay $325.00. $250.00 + $75.00. A corporation with 100,000 shares authorized pays $925.00. $250.00 +  675.00 ($75.00 x 9)

Corporations that owe $5,000 or more in Delaware franchise taxes make estimated payments. The schedule for estimated franchise tax payments breaks down quarterly:

  • June 1st – 40% of total tax due
  • September 1st – 20% of total tax due
  • December 1st – 20% of total tax paid is due
  • March 1st – remainder of tax is due

Be sure to check back weekly or subscribe to the blog to follow along with the series. If you’re new to the Delaware Annual Report & Franchise Tax Series, click the hyperlink to start from the beginning. Next week we will cover the assumed par value method for calculating Delaware franchise taxes. As always, if you have a question in the meantime, feel free to reach out to us. We’d be happy to help you out!