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delawareIncorporating Services, Ltd. (Incserv) is an active member of the National Public Records Research Association (NPRRA). One of the many benefits of this membership is the continuous flow of information from other members regarding changes in policy, law and processing of public records searching and filing across the US.

The NPRRA released this notice on August 2nd regarding Delaware’s amendment to the current law with regards to a statutory trust. Please see below and attached:

Delaware Senate Bill 276 was signed into law by Delaware Governor Jack Markell on July 13, 2016. The bill amends current law to define and include a statutory trust as a person under the Uniform Commercial Code. The bill became effective August 1, 2016.

Please click here to view the entire bill.

Should you need assistance with Delaware filings, feel free to contact us or call 800-346-4646.

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