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e File Washington DC Recorder of DeedsThe Washington DC Recorder of Deeds will no longer allow electronic filing of documents through their website.  Filers are now required to submit paper copies in person or utilize a third party vendor for e-filing.

For some time Incserv has found it more convenient to submit paper copies due to the limitations of the now defunct e-filing system.  By submitting documents in person, Incserv is able to make certain your flings are recording accurately and any possible rejection can be communicated immediately, lessening the chance of missing a pertinent filing date.  Incserv makes daily trips to the Recorder of Deed’s office and is more than happy to assist you in filing.  Contact us today for assistance!

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Deirdre Chinn Davis is an Assistant Vice President and manages the Washington, DC office.  To learn more about Deirdre, read her bio here.

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