Billing and Payments in Snapshot™

Posted by Gennine Cooper
June 13, 2018

Maybe you’ve received your annual registered agent invoice from us and you want to pay it on Snapshot™.  Or perhaps you’ve recently placed an order through us and need to make payment on it so the work can progress.  Or maybe you just want to look at the payments you made to Incserv in the past.  You can do all of these things via Snapshot™!

Outstanding Invoices

If you have an outstanding invoice, you will find information regarding this invoice on the Billing page, which can be reached via the top gray navigation bar.

Snapshot™ snapshot 5 image 1

On the Billing page, you can view your Statement (a consolidated list of any outstanding monies due – ensure your popup blocker is turned off to view this), your Payment History, and your Billing Summary.

The Billing Summary shows your total outstanding balance across all unpaid, outstanding invoices (this amount does not include any invoices for work that is currently in progress, such as filings or document retrievals where we’re assisting you).  You can also see exactly which invoices are outstanding using the table at the bottom of the Billing Summary.  It includes helpful columns such as the date of the invoice, the invoice number (clicking on this will bring up a copy of the invoice for your reference; ensure your popup blocker is turned off), the amount, and any late fees.  You can select any of the lines using the checkbox on the left and pay the invoice(s) via the ACH or credit card buttons at the bottom of the screen.

You can also limit the table using the parameters above the table.  For example, if you want to see invoices within a certain time period, you can enter start and end dates.  Or you can choose to view your paid invoices as well as (or instead of) your unpaid invoices.

Pending Orders

So what about the invoices that are currently open because they’re in process?  You can easily view these from the Orders page!  The Open Invoices for Pending Orders section illustrates all of your currently in-progress work with Incserv.  You can pay invoices from this section too, but be aware that because these invoices are still in progress, the amount due may change.  You should always check with your Contact CSR to see if the invoice amount is accurate before paying.  (You can easily contact your CSR for the order by clicking on their name in the table to send them an email!)


You’ll want to navigate back to the Billing page to get a glimpse of the payments you’ve made to Incserv in the past.  Click the View Payment History button and Snapshot™ will list out all of your payments by date and amount.

Each payment has a blue triangle to the left – click on that to expand the details of the payment, including the invoices the payment was applied to.

Snapshot™ snapshot 5 image 2

You can also limit your Payment History by dates, if you prefer.

Up next, we’ll discuss the resources available in Snapshot™ for filing in or maintaining an entity in each of the 50 states!

Sara Flanagan, Systems Analyst