Ashley Wright Senior Registered Agent Associate

Posted by Gennine Cooper
December 4, 2019

Sitting down for a conversation with Senior Registered Agent Associate, Ashley Wright.

Q: How’s it going? 
Ashley Wright (AW): Good but busy. I didn’t realize when we scheduled this.

Q: Oh dear well I guess we’ll make this quick, first let’s cover the basics.Ashley Ashley
Name:  Ashley Wright
Role: Senior Registered Agent Associate
Hometown: born in Milford, grew up in Camden, DE
School: Graduated from Caesar Rodney High School, Class of 2001 and Wesley College, Class of 2005

Q: How long have you been with Incorporating Services?
AW: I’ve been at Incorporating Services 4 years.

Q: Do you call it Incorporating Services or Incserv? 
AW: I think it depends on the person, I always call it Incorporating Services, but I know others that call it Incserv. I think either one is ok.

Q: Got it! So what does a Senior Registered Agent Associate do? 
AW: In a nutshell we are the Record Keepers. We also process the mail that comes in from our clients if they enrolled in our Mail Forwarding Service or Virtual office. Moreover, we answer all the phone calls that come in vs. having an automated message, you always get a live person when calling Incorporating Services unless after hours of course.

Q: That sounds like it could be really useful. 
AW: Yeah, every business is different and has different needs. It’s useful for clients who travel a lot or don’t necessarily want mail coming to their private residence.

Q: What’s the biggest challenge with the job?
AW: My job is to take out the stress for our clients, by organizing and processing paperwork and documentation. Sometimes though it can be pretty hard getting a hold of someone, especially if they travel a lot or haven’t updated their contact information. It can get kind of stressful if there are pending deadlines. For example, if we get returned mail from sending out tax notices and annual report notices and we can’t update the contact information quickly they will be penalized with penalties and interest.

Q: Sounds like you take that sort of thing personally.
AW: I do. You never want a client to miss deadlines or have to pay more than they need to. There is a lot to do and we are normally really efficient, sometimes when there is a technical glitch, outage or something, it’s easy to get stressed out when things don’t work. We have to really hustle to make sure we cover our bases, because at least in my opinion, we’re being paid to be perfect. For example, we have two printers that I like to call Bob Marley and Bob Marley Jr. because they really enjoy jamming’ at the most inconvenient times.

Q: [Laughing] Sounds like that would be the perfect time for some reggae music.
AW: Probably, you have to keep your sense of humor.

Q: So, enough about the hard stuff, what’s your favorite part of the job?
AW: What I love the most about my job, and our company, is that we don’t have to treat people like a number. We’re super-efficient when it comes to meeting deadlines, but we also get to take the time to know our clients so we know their needs our being met. It’s a nice balance and I think makes the job more fun.

Q: Is there anyone of the team to whom you’d like to give a shout out?
AW: I can’t pick just one. Sometimes, when there are major surges it’s too much for just one or two folks, when that happens, the whole team steps up their game. It’s not uncommon for folks to reach out when they seem a team member struggling or dealing with something difficult to say, “Let me help.”

Q: Tell me something / a story that exemplifies the best of the Incserv culture and how it serves clients.
AW: I think we’re the right size. We’re not the biggest company, but that’s an advantage because it means we can get to know our clients as people and not as number.

Q: So speaking of getting to know people as people, are you ready for the speed round?
AW: Yeah, sure.

Q: First, what do you do for fun?
AW: I like doing Auto Crossing or Road Trips.

Q: What!? What is that?
AW: It’s so much fun! It’s where you take your car and drive around a track or obstacle course, really fast. There are events all over the country where we met up with other folks and compete. I really enjoy the Toyota 4Runner Experiences (T4X Experience), their goal is to pick a park in each state and clean up a park as we explore the tails with our off road vehicles.  It’s also an opportunity to visit historical sites and see places you normally would not have visited as you drive to these events. It combines my love cars, American History, and nature conservation.

Q: So speaking of nature, Delaware has a lot of nice beaches, what’s your favorite?
AW: My favorite beach is probably Lewes. If not Lewes Beach then Destin, FL.

Q: What’s your favorite beach read?
AW: Da Vinci Code or really anything by Dan Brown

Q: And what do you put on your pizza?
AW: Well we always go to Mr. P’s in Lewes. DE and we make our own Hamburger Pizza which includes, hamburger meat, onions, mustard and pickles.

Q: What is your favorite superhero? 
AW: Parents. They are super heroes every single day.

Q: Tell me about your Pets? Kids?
AW: My cars for now are my kids. I do have a niece that I love an adore.

Q: Bucket List item to be completed?
AW: Visiting all the continents.

Q: Anything else you want folks to know (you can get clever)
AW: Nope that’s it, thank you!