Articles of Incorporation: What Information Needs to be in Them?

Posted by Rose Redman
May 3, 2021

Articles of incorporation are the documents businesses file with a jurisdiction to establish itself as a legal entity within that jurisdiction. Ultimately, anybody that wants to form a corporation will need articles of incorporation.

But what information is needed in these documents? How does one file them? Is it a one-and-done requirement? 

What information is required?

The information required for articles of incorporation isn’t terribly difficult to gather. What matters most is accuracy. To file, the business will need the corporation name, its location, its registered agent, a purpose, stock information (i.e., how many shares the company will be authorized to issue and the par value of those shares) and the names of officers and/or directors. Each state may also require additional information, so be sure to double check with your Incserv representative. 


articles of incorporation articles of incorporation


What else do articles of incorporation do? 

One of the most important things that articles of incorporation do is protect the business owners. They limit individual liability and the liability of the company’s board of directors should another entity file legal action against the company. 

How are they filed? 

Articles of incorporation are filed with the state in which the business is located. They must be dated and executed by an incorporator. 

If Incserv is your registered agent, we can take care of filing them for you.

Keep in mind that in most states, there is an annual responsibility tied to your articles of incorporation, typically in the form of an annual filing and/or small fees.

As always, we’re here to help and none of the information in this article should be construed as legal or tax advice!